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Can you use Aluminum wire for EV Charger or Tesla Charger?

Updated: Jan 18

We have come across many scenarios with the EV Chargers and Tesla Chargers calling for 'Copper Feeders Only'.

What is the reason you need to use only copper, is this due to some form of resistance?

Can you use aluminum feeders to a junction point right before the charger and transition to copper?

After research and collecting data, installing 100's of EV chargers, we have found that the main reason the EV chargers and Tesla Chargers call for copper feeders only, is the terminals where you land your wires are only sized for copper. Aluminum wire rated for a 50 amp charger is #4 aluminum which is larger than the #6 copper that is also rated for the 50 amp charger. This seems to be the only difference between the aluminum and copper feeders for EV and Tesla Chargers. Nothing to do with resistance.

To answer the other question, for very long runs, it is very helpful to run aluminum feeders from you panel to a junction box or means of disconnect before the EV Charger or Tesla Charger and transition to copper to terminate at your charger.

We are not affiliates of Tesla or any EV manufacturing company. This is only data and experience we have used successfully however U.S. Electric Contractors does not assume any liability and suggest you research each EV install individually.

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